Amy checking out toilet paper

This is a real commercial? Really? Come on…

Amy checking out toilet paperSo I was relaxing on my couch the other night, soaking up what was left of the holiday break when a commercial came on with a woman whose look on her face said that she meant business…she then proceeded to let me know that it’s time to talk about what we want from our toilet paper. Oh. Seriously? You really want to talk about *that* kind of business? I watched the commercial half-smiling, half-horrified while “Moms” all pow-wowed about what their families *really* need from their toilet paper. I was just bewildered that the idea for such a dumb campaign entered someone’s mind, was thought out and then presented to the powers-that-be at that company where they were all like, well that sounds like a good….no….GREAT idea. Let’s spend tons of money to make a commercial where we break it down for the public about what’s really needed in a good toilet paper!

In the beginning...No….you really don’t need to….toilet paper is pretty much a universal product that everyone’s tried and I think it’s safe to say that ALL people have a pretty good idea about what needs to get done. This really isn’t a product where that’s up for debate….or discussion for that matter. I mean, I get it, toilet paper’s probably not the sexiest product to sell, but there has to be another fun angle they could go with (besides linking it up with cute and cuddly stuffed animals) to sell it; hell, make it funny! They don’t call it “poopy humor” for nothing! (ba-dup-BAAAA!)

I’m just going to go with the idea that somewhere there is an art director/copywriter team that are high-fiving and laughing in disbelief that the client actually bought it.

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