Yep, There’s An App for That

Pick an app, win a prize!
Pick an app, win a prize!
When I bother to think about the iPhone, which is rarely, I tend to think of apps like the virtual beer app or the bouncy hand and toilet seat or, my personal fave, the Suicide Girls Stripper app.

I will grant that some apps are inexplicably addictive, like the light saber and the face morpher.

You just bought one of those, didn’t you?

And, having been trapped in a car with a person who used his iPhone as a portable GPS device, which didn’t show any exits, I might be inclined to think that there are useful possibilities for the technology in the future.

Given a few, obvious, tweaks.

But, all in all, what I really want a phone to do is let me make phone calls or answer them, as the case may be. However, I may have to rethink my position. USA Today is reporting about a lady who managed to get video of her house being burglarized by using her iPhone.

A woman who set up an iPhone application to watch her dog while she was away instead caught a thief breaking into her home Tuesday.

At the time, she had no idea she was recording a thief.

“It’s creepy,” said Claire, who did not want her surname released because she is a crime victim. “I’ve never had a house broken in to.”

She already knows how the thief broke in to her home: Her mother sent her a spare set of keys after she left them in Virginia over the weekend. The thief broke in to the package, found the keys and then snuck into her home, she says.

“He went through my drawers, my jewelry. He even touched my clothes and pillow,” Claire said.

A while back, she had downloaded an I-Cam application on her phone. It syncs up with her computer and allows her to view her computer camera from her cellphone.

The thief searched through her belongings for a little more than 12 minutes. In the end, he got away with $500 worth of items.

Denver Police are looking over the footage and searching for finger prints the thief may have left behind.

First off, make sure to click on the USA Today link above. They have the video posted.

And, don’t worry, her little doggie hid under the bed during the entire ordeal, so it’s safe.

There’s no word on whether or not the young lady also had the Playgirl Centerfold app on her iPhone.

One thing is for certain, given that I’ve been robbed this summer, I’m thinking that this may be the most cost effective home security system ever. Certainly it’s more effective than my cat, who let the burglar feed her and then went back to bed.

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