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A Hip(po) Chicago Weekend – New Year’s Eve!

A Hip(po) Chicago WeekendWell, 2010 is coming to an end.  Can you believe it?  I know I can’t.  A full 10 years since we referred to year 2000 as “Y2K”.  Doesn’t it sound so lame now, looking back?  Relieving the past is often times painful.  I look at pictures of me in college and wonder “why didn’t anyone stop me from plucking my eyebrows that thin?”

But I digress.

There is a lot of stuff to do his NYE weekend and you better hop to it soon or you will miss out on some fabulous options!

(1)    Call your favorite local bar or restaurant

If you are dying to get out and about this NYE, your best bet is to call your favorite regular establishment and see what specials they have.  Almost every bar in the city is going to be offering some sort of drink package, but many of them have limits due to capacity restrictions.  Call soon and find out what your favorite place is doing.

Same goes for your favorite restaurant.  Again, many are offering some sort of special or group meal package, so call and find out!  You have to eat, you know.  Usually your local pizza delivery man or McDonald’s doesn’t count, though.

(2)    Fireworks at Navy Pier

The ever famous fireworks are back for 2010.  What is great is you can catch the “early show” at 8:15p (really it’s intended for families, but who will notice?)   Bear in mind the following will definitely occur at some point in the evening should you decide to attend:

(a)    You will get stepped on

(b)   You will freeze

(c)    You will want to drop kick a puppy by the end of it all

Still sounds pretty appealing doesn’t it?

(3)    Mystic Blue Dinner Cruise

Not to bring you back down to Navy Pier, BUT if your favorite restaurant/bar option doesn’t pan out, why not watch the fireworks from the water and avoid the crazy crowds?  It runs from $148 per person and includes a very scrumptious meal and booze.  Leaves the dock at 9:30p and returns at 1:00a (hopefully by then all of the crazies will have left, bonus!).

(4)    New Year’s Day Swim

Head down to North Avenue beach at noon the next day to help cure your hangover by swimming in Lake Michigan!  And potentially catch pneumonia…

Hosted by the Chicago Polar Bear Club, it’s said it doesn’t count unless you completely submerge yourself, so come prepared!

Click here to watch NUDE HIPPO’s coverage of the POLAR PLUNGE (Another event that takes place in March, but is similar)

(5)   New Year’s Brunch at O’Donovan’s

From 10:00a – 2:00p and under $14, begin the recoup process from the previous night at O’Donovans’.  A wide variety of breakfast fare will be made available, and mimosas are strongly encouraged.  Your resolution to lose weight can hold off one more day, can’t it?

(6)    Free Fitness Week

If, instead, you were actually SERIOUS about losing weight, the Chicago Park District is hosting Free Fitness Week from January 2nd – January 9th at a variety of locations across the city.  Check out their website for more details and kick off the New Year right – unlike most people…

Be hip(po)!  Have fun!  Ring in the New Year with those that matter most and welcome another year to be proud to be a Chicagoan!  But most importantly, have a safe weekend!

~Corie Scarpaci

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