Noisy Neighbors Suck!

Why can’t all noisy, disruptive people live in the same building together? Well, it never seems to work out that way.

I currently live on the first floor of a 3-flat, and our 2nd floor neighbors are so incredibly loud. It’s like clockwork, every morning around 8am I’m forced to wake up because they do. Then between 10pm to midnight they stomp up and down the stairs with no regard to their neighbors schedules.

Chicago’s Redeye had an article regarding this same subject. The woman they interviewed said that she unfortunately grew used to her neighbors disruptive ways. I don’t know if I could ever just ignore it, but it is something I’ve had to tolerate.

What is a solution for loud neighbors? Besides speaking with them directly- I guess the next step¬†would be¬†talking to the landlord and hoping they handle the problem. If the unbearable noise continues, unfortunately MOVING might be the only alternative. Or! Start praying that they move. HAHA! Regardless, I believe where you live shouldn’t bring you any stress. We get enough of that at work.

Quiet down noisy neighbors!!

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