Put Some Rock N Roll Under The Tree

The Damned "Smash It Up"Got a punk rocker on your list?  Have a friend or loved one who dresses like crap?  A local Chicago company could be your answer.

They’re a bit of a two-pronged attack, with Full Breach 77 and Straight To Hell.

Full Breach 77 is a one-stop rock n roll shop.  Need a t-shirt from a long-defunct obscure punk band?  They’ve got it.  Got some holes to fill in your music collection?  They’ve got that too.  Need to put a little oomph into your wardrobe?  They’ve got you covered.

You’ll find various prints from the likes of Iggy Pop, Sid Vicious, T. Rex, Buzzcocks, The Damned, The Cramps, Johnny Thunders, The Replacements, etc…even old school with Chuck Berry and Eddie Cochrane.  You just don’t find this stuff anymore, and scrolling through the pages is reminding me of my high school wardrobe and the list of artists reads like my cassette collection back in the day.  They’re pretty cheap, too with several shirts on special for $8.

What the music section–much of which features 7” vinyl–lacks in volume, it makes up for in offering hard to find punk rock and completely unique off-the-radar selections.the "Commando" jacket

That’s only half of it, too.  The Straight To Hell side of things boasts kick-ass modern takes on the classic American leather motorcycle jacket.  The best feature just might be the slim-fitting cut, as compared to the box-like shape of my old one.  Hmm…love it as I may, it might be time to update/upgrade.

And if you’re not convinced, check out their blog where you’ll find video of both Jared Leto of 30 Seconds To Mars and Slash himself donning their jackets on television.

Take a look…and don’t forget, they’re a local company supporting music here in town!

And for your listening pleasure, I simply cannot sit here with the phrase “Straight To Hell” in my head without absolutely needing to hear the all-out classic from The Clash that presumably inspired the name of the jacket line.

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