Steve Dahl & Ashley Lobo

One Goal…(Light)

Ashley Lobo & Steve Dahl“He shoots…he SCORES!” (insert announcer voice.)

Patrick Kane is known for helping the Blackhawks achieve their “One Goal”; including the Stanley Cup winning “phantom shot.”  If it wasn’t for the goal light flashing, most of his teammates couldn’t even believe it was IN the net or that they had just won the Stanley Cup.

Thank gawd for that goal light.  And leave it the legendary; Steve Dahl, to bring that same excitement and passion for hockey into your own living room.

Most of you recognize Steve Dahl from over 30 plus years on the radio or his podcast show.  Sure, he loves sports…but he especially loves hockey.  Dahl is a Blackhawks season ticket holder and at every Hawks game waving at the Ice Crew girls.  Therefore, he wanted to bring that same thrill The Goal Lightof  the game to life for everyone; especially the couch potatoes or the crazy party host.  It will spice up every event that you hold at your home moving forward.

The idea first hit him as he sat in his best friend; Eric’s, basement watching (you guess it) a Hawks playoff game.  Out of nowhere a mystery light came on and the rest is history.  The dynamic duo of best friends Eric Stoneman (diecast toy businessman) and Dahl (die hard Hawks fan) have joined forces to form “Fan Fever’s” first product; The Goal Light.

Not only does the goal light flash just like in a real game, but the goal horn blares!  It’s pretty cool because you can set or hang the light anywhere and control the light with a hockey puck remote.  That’s right, you are in charge of the FUN!  As Steve has said himself, “It’s an odd, yet awesomely amusing contraption.”  I’d have to agree and I want one.  I might, just might happen to love the Blackhawks.  I wonder if Patrick Sharp needs one?

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