Mr. & Mrs. Claus

Santa comes to Chicago!

Santa & Ms. ClausSanta Claus hits Michigan Avenue, in Chicago, to check to see if his “list” is up to date.

Over the years, NUDE HIPPO has had some very big names covering stories, but no one ever as big as the big guy himself.  When he walked the Santastreets, he caught the attention of people everywhere.

Is it because he brings gifts to everyone and expects nothing but good behavior in return?

Is it that he found a way to travel with flying reindeers?

Is it that bright red suit?

Or is it because he is sincere with his love for all and brings a warm feeling to each individual?

Santa is THE MAN and he knows that you love him too, regardless if he’s lactose intolerant and you still only leave out a glass of unrefrigerated milk for him to drink.

Happy Holidays!

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