Chicago snow winter

Ahhhh, Snow…so cozy & charming…for now!

Winter in ChicagoWe just had our first snowfall of the year in Chicago and I hit the streets to get Chicagoans reaction to it; are they huffing with annoyance or sighing in pleasure?

I, for one, love it.  I love it because it gave me an excuse to be inside and not feel bad for not being outside!  I got to all the things on my to-do list that I always put off doing if it’s a nice day out because of the guilt that I feel being inside when there’s so much going on outside!  I, along with probably 90% of Chicago used the day to decorate for the holidays and the snow was the perfect back drop outside my window to add that extra, cozy touch to it all.  I loved every second of it and I hope it continues right through the holiday season…and then I want every single snowflake to be gone by January 2nd.

Winter in ChicagoPost-holiday snow and I are not friends…by this point, the charm is over for me, it gets dirty, I’m annoyed at the dirty snow marks I get all up the back of my legs even though I desperately try and avoid slush puddles or if unavoidable, to walk *ever*-so-delicately through them as to try and avoid splatter (which never seems to happen).  Not to mention we get a little too much of it and the city seems to be suffocated and completely shut down by it.  Baaaah!

I’m already getting frustrated just writing about this!

So for the duration of the next month, I’m going to hope the city continues to get dusted in a light, beautiful white coating that just puts such a romantic touch to all the holidays lights and then do my best on January 2nd to just bulldoze through another Chicago winter by keeping my focus on having the slushy, cold stuff hit my lips the way it’s supposed to…lemon-flavored, while I lay on the beach next Summer.

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