All that Glitters…

All that glitters is GOLD for your holiday wardrobe.  It’s time for holiday parties and that means you need to not only look stylish, but up to par before ringing in the new year.  Besides thinking gem tone colors, think glitter!  The 80’s sequins are back and there is no better time to sparkle than now.

Head to SAKS next Thursday (12/16/10) to shop for a great cause.  The Junior Council of Children’s Memorial Hospital is hosting, “Lights, Camera, Fashion.” It’s a kickoff party to their annual Snowball event.  You won’t need to feel guilty indulging in your shopping spree for you will receive 15% off and 5% of it will be donated to the Children’s Memorial Hospital.

Be sure too add a few sequins or sparkle to your wardrobe whether it’s a sequined scarf, vest, blazer, tank or mini skirt.  You can update anything in your closet with as few as just one of those items to make it look current.  You can find sequined and bedazzeled clothing just about anywhere now from SAKS, BCBG, J.Crew, Guess or even Forever 21.  So whether it’s pricey or a steal as long as you glitter people will envy your look.  Cheers to being a sparkling fashionista!  See you next Thursday!

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