341 is our newer-er Comcast channel!

Watch channel 341 on Comcast!Our new TV channel, WMAQDT2 – 5.2, was launched on November 1st, and if you’ve been watching, we would like to thank you!  As an even bigger THANK YOU, we’d like to confuse you and put you in the same category as our friends that never found us the first time around.  Now only a month later, NUDE HIPPO with NBC Chicago Nonstop, has moved to a new channel on Comcast.

Therefore, because we love you, we don’t want you to become  frustrated with flipping through the channels.   Look for us now on channel 341.  Hopefully, that made things simpler.  I’m on the show and even I had a hard time finding the channel.   I am hopeful that this will now fix that.   Hip-hip-horray!

You can also continue to watch NUDE HIPPO on WOW! Cable channel 130 and RCN Cable channel 50.


As always, NudeHippo.com is your #1 source for, well, EVERYTHING!

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