Harry Volkman on NUDE HIPPO

Saturday Morning with Chicago TV Icons

Rich KozThe Museum of Broadcast Communications is putting together another fine FREE public event.  Joel “Yodeling” Daly, John “Bulldog” Drummond, Rich “Svengoolie” Koz, Harry “Whoosh” Volkman will be honored at The Lake Theatre, 1022 Lake Street, Oak Park, tomorrow, Saturday, December 4th @ 10 am.

Morning with Chicago TV Icons will be moderated by Bob Sirott.  For tickets, visit Museum.tv or call 312-245-8200.

Over the years, NUDE HIPPO has had all of the honorees on as guests.  Here are just a few clips of their appearances.

Joel Daly on NUDE HIPPO:

John Drummond on NUDE HIPPO:

Rich Koz on NUDE HIPPO:

Harry Volkman on NUDE HIPPO:
(Video currently unavailable)

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