Fire away…it’s time for paintball!

Ready, aim….FIRE!  I had my paintballs locked and loaded for my first ever paint balling session.  My 2 segment producers, 2 camera men, and 2 opponents came with my fellow Hippo-er; Nick Rosario, and I to Minooka, Illinois.  It was a fun filled Hippo convoy as we sang songs and danced the entire car ride there.  We arrived to the middle of nowhere’s land  to experience the 35 acres of firing fun at “Paint Pursuit Games.”  Well, let’s be honest I was scared stiff, wearing a camo Snuggie and had never shot a gun before.

PaintballingHowever, before you head out to the battlefield you will go over all the rules, learn how to play as well as load and shoot your paint gun properly.  We geared up with a helmet, padded vest, a belt full of amo and we were off!  I quickly learned a few shooting strategies, enjoyed the hot pink paint ball explosions and I was ready to fire away at the enemy. “I’ve been hit, girl down!”  The paintballs sting like a rubber band snap and it actually wasn’t that bad.  There were fun obstacle courses, hide out houses as well as tree houses to dodge getting hit.  It was such an exhilarating  time that I’d recommend the hour long adventurous car ride out of the city.

So grab at least 12 of your friends (they only do group outings), celebrate a birthday, bachelor party or just let out your aggression at Paintball Pursuit Games.  It’s $25 a person for four hours of fun filled games.  I’d recommend renting a bus, wearing old clothes and ladies tie your hair back as I left with some unwanted hot pink highlights!  Definitely fun for all and you will really impress any guy if you suggest paintballing versus going shopping.

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