Put Away Your Shorts, it’s WINTER!

Every time I see someone wearing shorts in the dead of winter I have to ask: Were you too lazy to pull out your winter clothes from the attic -or- Are you so cold blooded that the 10-below wind chill seriously doesn’t bother you? Either way, it will forever boggle my mind.

That being said, I recently discovered a popular new trend among celebrities this winter season– it’s wearing your favorite summer shorts, but with tights! Here’s a shot of Nicole Richie debuting her winter ‘Kate Spring 2010 Collection.’

Then! I saw actress Katie Holmes rockin’ the shorts and tights combo, too. Maybe this is a way to utilize my summer wardrobe all year round?! Turns out, I might be one of those crazy “shorts-wearing” people this winter after all. However, you won’t catch me wearing them without tights. I can guarantee that!!

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