Turkey Shmurkey

So, I’m all about spending time with the fam on Thanksgiving, but there comes a point where enough is just enough. I reached that point about a day into this years Thanksgiving madness.

I come from a pretty tight-knit family, so spending holidays together has always been something we do– and until now, I’ve really enjoyed it! Now that my cousins, aunts & uncles have kids of their own, I’m finding the holidays much more grating. Am I turning into that crotchety family member that hates kids?! Eek!

It’s not that I hate kids… I guess I just dislike this generations’ obsession with their cellphones, laptops, game consoles, farmville– well, the list goes on. Call me old school, but I like breaking out Pictionary and playing REAL games with the family.

I sadly discovered that my little cousins prefer texting their friends instead of spending quality time with everyone. Is it so wrong of me to expect a little interaction from the younger generation? “When I was their age”……we always played board games at the holidays– and shared so many laughs and made great memories doing it.

I guess there’s nothing I can do to change the inevitable, but I don’t have to like it!! As for me, I’ll still try to talk the family into playing a board game or two over the holidays :).

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