Danny Bonaduce & Larry Wert

Large guys, a topless Bonaduce & a healthy peacock!

Nick Rosario & Larry WertIn this edition of Classic Nude Hippo, we go way back to the year 2002.  Nick Rosario & a few of the guys on NUDE HIPPO were all on the wrong path of gaining too much weight.  So they went to the NBC 5/Telemundo Healthy Living Expo to learn what they could do about this.   

Larry Wert, the top dog at NBC, help explain what he hoped to help with this epidemic.  However, everyone knows, the best solution to any problem is to just include television child star, Danny Bonaduce.

Nick also had his blood sugar level checked.   To explain what a normal level should be seems too complicated to get into here, but this diagram should help if you are really interested.

If you’re interested in finding out more about high blood sugar levels, click here!  Also be sure to check out NBCchicago.com and Jewel-Osco for more healthy living ideas!

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