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The Golden Age of Children’s Television in Chicago

SvengoolieAbout this time every year, WGN-TV pulls out a special called BOZO, GAR & RAY which features highlights of their classic children shows.  I enjoy this program and now you can even purchase a DVD of it at  However, before WGN produced their special, we at NUDE HIPPO produced & aired our own broadcast special, based on the book “The Golden Age of Children’s Television in Chicago

NUDE HIPPO producer, with his sister and some BozoNUDE HIPPO featured Ted Okuda, one of the authors, along with Bruce DuMont, of The Museum of Broadcast Communications, to present an all-star lineup of kids’ show hosts, including Bill “B.J.” Jackson, Joey “Bozo” D’Auria, Marshall “Wizzo” Brodien and Rich “Svengoolie” Koz.

All of the footage used in this special has been cleared for our use.  Special thanks to Ringmaster Ned Locke‘s nephew, Keith Stras who not only appears, but also provided an amazing peak of the Bozo Circus with family home movies.

The special aired once in NUDE HIPPO’s prime-time slot followed by a summer run during the daytime on cable in 2004.  In 2006, it was reintroduced online and has become a popular video, which has been embraced by many.

Once again NUDE HIPPO proudly presents the special to you the viewers!  Enjoy our peak at some of the greatest television children shows that Chicago had to offer.

BONUS:  WGN-TV’s Bozo (1984-2001) Joey D’Auria shows how to throw a pie and reveals some of his Favorite Comedy Sketches.  Click here to learn how to make & throw those Bozo pies!

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