Happy Thanksgiving from NUDE HIPPO!

Happy Thanksgiving from NUDE HIPPO!

It’s time to catch a wild turkey and throw it in the oven!  That’s right, I’m here to “dish” and share an exciting way to cook your turkey as well as spice up your Thanksgiving dinner.  Shocking I know, as I have never cooked a turkey myself or expected to be talking turkey.  That’s where I turn to my amazing mother and chef; Elaine.

You see, she has already made two “practice turkeys” and it’s not even Thanksgiving.  She was looking for a new way to reinvent Thanksgiving (actually she was just testing out our new oven) and hit success. The “grilled turkey” was not our favorite, as all of the gravy evaporates on the grill.

However,  I will share our new favorite secret; Spiced Apple Cider.  It’s no surprise that this idea came from our favorite store; Trader Joe’s.  Therefore, all you need is two bottles of Trader Joe’s Spiced Apple Cider. You simply soak your turkey in the Apple Cider over night (or for about 12 hours or longer).

Next, prepare your turkey as usual. Voila’, you now have a tangy applicious turkey! This is so easy, that even I could do it.  However, that does not mean that I am cooking the turkey this year.  I’ll leave that up to my Mom, who I’ll toast!

Have a Happy Thanksgiving from all of us at NUDE HIPPO!

Check out our photo gallery where we recreate the first Thanksgiving dinner!

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