Grinderman (Nick Cave) Tonight In Chicago!

Grinderman (feat. Nick Cave, 2nd from left)There are few artists in the world of rock more revered and respected than Nick Cave. His group Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds not only forged new musical ground in the mid-80s, but they continue to woo critics and fans to this day (case in point: the band’s 14th album ‘Dig!!! Lazarus Dig!!!’ from 2008), inspiring countless musicians in their wake.
But midway through this past decade, even a guy as pioneering as Cave felt the need to branch out a bit, and began writing some songs on instrument he rarely himself played.

Enter Grinderman.
Instead of enlisting new musicians to work with, Cave knew that his regular cast of characters could get the job done, and thus the group consists of Bad Seeds Martyn Casey (bass), Jim Sclavunos (drums) and his longtime right hand man Warren Ellis (guitars, strings, vocals, etc).

This is the 2nd Grinderman release, simply called ‘Grinderman 2’ after the 2007 self-titled debut. It’s out now on Anti-. This record, like its predecessor, displays a fierce experimental feel with the same sort of snarl that served as the calling card of Cave’s first post punk outfit The Birthday Party in the late-70s/early 80s. Since the Bad Seeds records have evolved over the years to a more melodic poetic feel, Cave proves with Grinderman that his youthful energy, passion and ferociousness of the Birthday Party and early Bad Seeds days is far from gone, it just needed a new outlet.'Grinderman 2' cover

I’m fortunate to see a great number of live shows, but Grinderman’s July 2007 performance at The Metro was one I’ll never forget.
Seeing Grinderman essentially is seeing Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds, only with a different set of songs and truculence.
Of course, at that time the group had the one album which is 11 tracks in length. Upon its completion, they returned for the first of two lengthy encores prior to which Cave posed this query to the crowd: “do you want to hear some Bad Seeds songs?” We were treated to classics such as “Red Right Hand”, “Deanna”, “The Weeping Song” and others.

If you happened to miss that gig, or have never witnessed the spectacle that is Nick Cave performing live…tonight you have your chance. Miraculously, a few tickets remain for the Grinderman show at The Riviera.
You can get tickets here..

I’m including one track off the new album ‘Grinderman 2’ that you should check out, plus videos for Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds essentials. Plus, I scored a photo pass for tonight, so expect a photo gallery tomorrow!

Grinderman – Heathen Child

Grinderman, Tonight, The Riviera, 8pm, $28

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