Make-up in a Winter Wonderland

I think I may have made a minor fashion faux pas which I feel just dreadful about.  I realize I provided all of you faithful Hippo fans with a fantastic style guide to winter in Chicago but COMPLETELY ignored hair and make-up.  BLAST!  My sincerest apologies.

This blog is to “make-up” (ha! I crack myself up) for my oversight and fully prepare you for the winter season. Not only will your outfits be fly, but so will your face.

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(1)   Hair

Three words:  Moroccan Hair Oil.  No, I am not late getting on this bandwagon, but I feel very strongly about this product and wanted to re-emphasize its benefits for the winter months.

What is so great about this product is that any hair type can use it.  It helps prevent fly-aways and provides extreme hydration to your hair.  Winter is a bastard – he is out to destroy your beautiful locks by drying them up and making them all crackly and icky.  This is where Moroccan Hair Oil comes in and saves the day!

Now a word of caution, though – just because this product is great for any hair type doesn’t mean the amount applied is great for any hair type.  I myself have very thick, curly hair, so I need a lot more than someone with thinner hair.  It’s better to start very small and work your way up.  Give it a few tries and you will get it right – over applying will just make you look greasy.

Finally, work it into your hair from the bottom up – your ends have been around a lot longer than the crown of your head, so be generous down there and minimal up top.

(2)    Eyes

For the eyes, I have a couple of products/applications I am totally loving these days.  First, and great for the holidays, is the light, shimmery eye shadow in the corner of your eyes.  What what?  I know right?  I thought it was kind of weird, too.  But trust me, it’s awesome.

What I do is apply all of my makeup (including concealer) and when done I take a small brush and dab some of this eye shadow in the inner corner.  It makes your eyes pop in photos and in person.  Awesome touch to those Christmas photos!

My personal fav is “Totally Toasted Beige” by Too Faced.  An added note – I love all of their eye shadows.  They go on very smooth and add great contour to the eye.  I used to be crazy bananas for MAC, but have changed my tune ever since discovering Too Faced.

For your eyelashes, I have a cheap and expensive recommendation.  I use both together for an  awesome combo.  I am a big fan of Maybelline’s Colossal Volume Express Mascara.  It does a great job separating my eyelashes and providing a bit of “umph” that I need.  Add a few coats to make it thicker and darker.

After I apply the Maybelline mascara, I add a coat of Dior’s DiorShow Extase.  I really like the combo together because Maybelline coats and separates while Dior thickens and darkens.  I also love all DiorShow products because they are so DRAMA.  It’s like two bitchy girls talking sh*t are now on your eyelashes.  I personally cannot use JUST DiorShow, though, because it clumps my eyelashes together.  That is why this combo works well for me.

Finally, for those dark under eye circles, I have found my calling (FINALLY!).  Laura Mercier.  I believe I shall build a shrine to her.  Her Secret Concealer product actually has the ability to combat the blue-ish color caused by dark circles.  I don’t know how she does it but it rocks my socks off for sure.  I don’t use foundation but supposedly her foundation is some of the best out there as well.

(3)    Cheeks (on your face, perv)

I have been having issues with my powdered rouge lately.  It’s just looked too…powdery.  It obviously looks like powder is on my face, is all.  And while this could partially be that I have dry skin, I also think maybe I just should have paid better attention and powder ain’t my thang.

Lo and behold Tarte.  They have this amazing cheek stain that not only moisturizes but also provides the right amount of color; I find it hard to over-do it with this product which is another thing I love.

Even better is that Tarte has pulled together a handy holiday gift back of 3 limited time colors for only $25.  It can be found at Ulta and Sephora, and I bought this because I wasn’t sure which color I would like best.  Right now I am leaning towards “Flawless”, the more peachy color.  I’ve used it for a week and haven’t had any issue with breakouts either, so 2 thumbs up!  It’s made with botanical products, so that must be why.  🙂

(4)    Lips

I am having a secret love affair with Burt.  Yes, Burt’s Bees that is.  I discovered this stuff in high school and have never looked back.  I love the little tingly feeling it leaves on your lips, plus I feel it is one of the few chap sticks that actually helps heal your lips after extensive damage from the winter elements.

Looking for a bit of color?  Try Burt’s Lip Shimmer.  It has the same tingly feeling as the chap stick but adds a pop of color.  Having grown up in Chicago, I cannot advocate for fancy schmancy lipstick and lip gloss when my lips feel like a rough tundra.  So my apologies if you feel the “lips” section is a little lame.  Maybe I will surprise you come spring, but only after I confirm with Santa that you haven’t been naughty.

Happy Holidays, ladies!  You look mah-valous!

~Corie Scarpaci

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