Wait your turn in line Christmas!

Amy ZanglinNovember has always been one my favorite months my whole life.  It has my birthday, football and of course Thanksgiving.  Ahhhhh, Thanksgiving, a stress-free holiday where the focus is on food, family and reflecting on being grateful for what we all have.

Happy Thanksgiving!But in the past 5 years or so, I feel like I start my month off still coming down from that same Halloween high only to be surrounded by…Christmas decorations?  This is really starting to mess with my whole reality of order (and when you’re even mildly OCD, you really can’t do that).  And frankly, it’s starting to really annoy me.  This is not to say I’m a grinch; I *love* the Christmas holiday!  The decorations, the music; the entire holiday spirit that surrounds everyone is so wonderful…in *December*.  But starting all of this too early is just bullying Thanksgiving right out of it’s own month.  It’s like being a kid and your Mom puts dessert out on the table before you finish your dinner; you could be having a dream kid dinner of hamburgers and french fries, but you don’t know, you don’t even taste what you’re eating because you’re too busy throwing it down your stomach while you’re eyeing that chocolate cake that’s in front on you.

Happy Thanksgiving!It’s barely mid-November and because the stores are all decked out in decorations and playing music, I’m already stressing out about what to get everyone on my Christmas list…which is exactly what the marketing folks want me to do.  But we don’t have to let these mind games get the best of us, we’re adults and we can choose to remember to just enjoy what we have while we have it, and *then* move on to the next fun thing.  If anything, I think the marketers should extend the holidays…leave November alone and instead keep things going through January; that’s a pretty blah month, it’d be nice to still to listen to music that’s trying to trick us into thinking it’s great to “let it snow, let it snow, let it snow”…just cut things off in February, because that’s Cupid’s territory.

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