New Music: German Invasion

I’m digging this new record entitled ‘Narcotica’ from a German band called The Blue Angel Lounge.  Hailing from Hagen, Germany (a town near Köln..or, “Cologne”), their debut album instantly transports me to a time and place in my musical past, while at the same time injecting a modern edge to it.  It’s released on Berlin label 8mm Musik.
For anybody in Chicago that grew up dancing to new wave/dark wave/alternative in the wee hours at places like Neo or Club 950 back in the day, these guys might strike a chord with you.
To me, the baritone vocals recall that of Mark Burgess of 80’s post punk group The Chameleons UK..and the dark synth-rock that drives the songs would probably appeal to you if you’re a fan of early Depeche Mode or The Cure, and even Nick Cave and current stuff such as Interpol or She Wants Revenge.'Narcotica'
I was lucky enough to get my grubby hands on an early copy of this and have been looking forward to a U.S. release since.  As of this week, they’ve made it available at finer record stores in the States…and upon placing a quick phone call to Permanent Records, turns out the good folks there are expecting copies and can set you up with one (plus all the rest of your musical needs, for that matter).

Here’s a couple of tracks from ‘Narcotica’ to check out:

The Blue Angel Lounge – New Ghandi

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