Touching Tibetan Monks

Touching MomentThanksgiving; a time to give thanks and reflect on all the good things we have in life. We here at NudeHippo have always taken a lighter approach to our thankfulness. You see we always like to dress up for the holidays, and  Thanksgiving was no exception. Our Thanksgiving episode of 2005, featured of course, our usual brand of covering reports with humor and fun. One piece however, was very touching. We sent Amy Zanglin to cover a group of Tibetan Monks, and Amy ended up getting more than she bargained for.

Amy ZanglinI think this piece really sticks out more than any other because of the story being told. These monks were refugees who had come from Tibet, and had escaped oppression and imprisonment. They were traveling the states as part of a goodwill tour. They sold thier jewelry and made a fabulous piece of art called a sand mandala.

During an interview with one of the monks,  Amy did something that was considered a no-no in the monk culture. She reached out and touched the monk. The monk had started to cry, and Amy who is a very caring and sensitive person tried to comfort him by rubbing his arm. It was a very sweet and innocent moment, even Amy started to cry. I have to admit watching the video again, my eyes started to water a bit.

So as this Thanksgiving approaches, let us give thanks. Let us be grateful for all we have and remember those who are less fortunate.

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