Did Rock Bring Down Wall?

Rockin the WallRemember the Berlin Wall? I wonder if “kids” in this generation will understand the impact it had on us back in the late 80’s & early 90’s. As a child I still remember thinking , “If I lived in East Germany, I’d just climb over the wall to freedom,” as if it would be that easy. November 9, 1989 is considered the official day that the wall fell– and Author Larry Schweikart says Rock n’ Roll played a critical role.

Check out this documentary called “Rockin’ the Wall.”  The Writer and Co-Berlin WallProducer, Larry Schweikart, is not only a drummer himself– but a best-selling author, too.

“Rockin’ the Wall” is told from the perspective of rockers who played at the time, on both sides of the Wall. There’s lots of great music, and original songs written just for this documentary.

Marc Leif, the writer and director of the film co-produced this documentary with Larry Schweikart. Leif says that it’s based on Schweikart’s book called “7 Events“. 

Check out “Rockin’ the Wall” on  Facebook, too!

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