Pig Intestines

Pig’s Intestines Used for What?!

Pig IntestinesDid you know that traditionally the intestines from a pig are used as sausage skins? However it is mostly synthetic skin used these days. I bring this up because the other day I was making brats and could barely bite into it because it was a synthetic skin wrap.

Call me crazy, but I liked the pig intestines wrapped around my sausage. Not only did it taste better, it was easy to Pig Intestineschew. I grew up in a small town, going to local festivals every year. One year, at a Fall Fest in a neighboring town, I learned how to pump the sausage into an animals intestines. They even let me do it! Just like the photo I’ve included in this blog….. you literally guide the intestines up to the opening, and let it fill up with sausage.

It’s actually a pretty awesome experience!! Maybe you can find a local festival that will let you do the same thing this year 🙂 Enjoy your next bite of sausage…

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