To Bike or Not to Bike

Biker Red LightLet me start by saying… I am NOT a biker in the city of Chicago. Bravo to all of you brave souls that bike everywhere, everyday, all the time; I think you are maybe a wee-bit nutty!

Why do bikers follow rules only when they best apply to their needs? I’ve seen them run red lights like pedestrians, but then expect us to treat them as if they are a car while weaving in and out of traffic. Can bicyclists be ticketed for running red lights like someone operating a motorized vehicle, I think not. Then why are they given equal rights on the roads? This has boggled my mind ever since I moved to Chicago.

This past summer Gov. Pat Quinn signed bicycle safety legislation. This Cyclistbill will establish new penalties for motorists that drive recklessly or unnecessarily close to bicyclists. A second piece of legislation will create “Share the Road” Illinois licenses plates. The money from the license plates will fund education campaigns. Quinn says the new laws will keep bicyclists safe and remind drivers to be alert for bicyclists.

Of course I don’t condone ignoring the bikers, or cutting them off like you might with a real vehicle — all I ask is for bikers to get a little more courteous. If you want to be treated like a car, then stop running red lights. If you want to be a pedestrian and walk everywhere… then feel free to run a red light.

I think what it all boils down to is that I’m a little jealous of the freedom bicyclists have on the roads here in Chicago. Enjoy it bicyclers… the law leans in your favor :)!

Perhaps Chicago would look like this video without less bicyclists?

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