A New Job for our Hippo Leader?

As many of you know, and thanks for all the nice cards and letters, Tony Lossano was unceremoniously added to the ranks of the unemployed recently. He now joins me and Steve Dahl in our quest to get a Link Card. However, unlike Steve and me, Tony has experience in the fast food industry. And, bonus, Tony’s well known for not really wanting to work more than an hour or so a day.

Why else would he be a TV producer?

So, it is with a song in my heart and a smile in my eyes, that I can announce that I’ve found the perfect job for him. Reuters (Tokyo) reports that Domino’s Pizza is hiring one lucky person to fill a $31,000.00 per hour job.

Take-out pizza chain hiring. Aged over 18, no experience required. Uniform provided. Salary: $31,000 an hour.

As part of a series of events commemorating the 25th anniversary of its arrival in Japan, Domino’s Pizza Japan is set to hire one lucky person at the rate of 2,500,000 yen ($31,030) for an hour’s worth of work in December.

A company spokesman declined to provide further details until November 10, but the company’s website said that anyone who wants the job will need to file an application. Those passing to the next stage will undergo an interview.

“Basically it’s anybody over 18, no questions about education or experience,” the spokesman said. “We’re actually a little surprised by how much of a response it’s getting.”

Hourly pay for part-time jobs in Japan averages just under 1,000 yen ($12.41).
Many of the comments on a Japanese article about the offer noted that the salary was cheap for the probable advertising impact and that there might be better uses for the money, such as raising workers’ pay overall.

“If I got this, I couldn’t work for being afraid of what the people around me were thinking,” one wrote.

In another of the promotions, anyone born on September 30 this year — the actual date the first Domino’s opened in Japan — will receive a free pizza on their birthday until they turn 25.

Now that Domino’s has improved their recipe to actually make the food more palatable than the box it comes in, this could be an exciting new venture for Mr. Lossano. Besides, he’s short enough to pass for a local, so I see this as a win/win situation for everyone.

Dō itashi mashite Lossano san.

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