OUR RETURN TO TV…with very little fanfare!

Ashley Lobo on the NUDE HIPPO setNovember 1st, 2010, came and went.  However, it is a day that speaks volumes for Nude Hippo as, with little to no fanfare, we returned to the airwaves…or shall we say digital waves?  You can now see Nude Hippo on NBC Chicago’s New “Chicago Nonstop”, WMAQDT2 (5.2), [Comcast Cable channel 252, WOW! Cable channel 130, and RCN Cable channel 50]

Technology is advancing faster than a blink of an eye and so is Nude Hippo.  But do you remember May 3, 2007?   Think back, YOU remember, YOU were there with us as we wrapped up our decade run with a final show taped at the Apollo Theatre.

NUDE HIPPO @ WALT DISNEY WORLDNude Hippo ended on a high note celebrating 10 years of craziness caught on camera including a few final shows from Walt Disney World in Orlando.  The very final broadcast of Nude Hippo had a live audience, famous Chicago faces and we gave away more gifts than they did on OPRAH.  Well, no cars but tons of Disney items, bouquets of flowers from FTD, tickets to Broadway in Chicago shows and dinner at the best restaurants.  We ended on our exact anniversary date (5/3/07) and went out with a bang!

Ashley Lobo with the producerIf you can’t recall of your favorite Hippo memories or final days, hopefully our massive photo gallery will help jog your memory.  (And possibly embarrass the cast of Nude Hippo.) However, some of my favorite memories were from my perfectly fitting segment called, “Food, Fashion and Fun.”  I ate, shopped and experienced the fun of Chicago.

My most grueling task was giving Tony Lossano (producer/former host) a makeover.  Somehow, he has managed to go back to some of his old habits.  At least donated all of his Hawaiian shirts to the Brown Elephant.  And you can’t forget my favorite Halloween story where Ashley Lobo performing at the 10th Anniversary SpecialI set out to find a pumpkin patch and ended up at a freaky haunted house.  You can never be sure of what kind of trouble I will get myself into.  Have no fear, I will always take you along with me.

We are now closing that chapter of that era of Nude Hippo, as we start (quietly) with our new TV venture with NBC Chicago…So we just want to say thanks for being there the last time and hope that you’ll enjoy the ride with us this time.  We’re  going to work hard to entertain, inform and excite you!  We want YOU to be a part of this Newer-er NUDE HIPPO!

Comcast Cable channel 252, WOW! Cable channel 130, RCN Cable channel 50

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