Anna Davlantes

The Foxy Anna Davlantes

Anna DavlantesI can’t remember exactly the first time Anna Davlantes came across my TV screen, but I can tell you she’s been one of my favorites ever since.Whether she was reporting or anchoring, I always felt a connection to her. It wasn’t just the fact that she is beautiful; she also had a charm and a warmness about her. She always seemed genuine in her reporting. For all these reasons, I was excited to hear that she accepted our invitation to appear on Nude Hippo.

Unfortunately, we had to reschedule Anna twice. The first time she was set to appear was when her story on hazing by high school girls broke. She won an Emmy award for that piece. Another time she was set to appear she went “Swimming with Sharks” and won another Emmy. When she finally did appear it almost ended in marriage. She should have canceled out, it might have gotten her another Emmy!  I will save that story for another time.

A younger Anna DavlantesOne of my responsibilities for the Hippo back then was to prep the guests before going on camera. I found it odd that Anna came to the studio with a huge box. I asked what was in the box and she explained it was different things from her childhood: such as a retainer, old high school photos and I believe a trophy of some sort. I thought to myself, wow she’s just like carrot top; except funnier and way hotter. Anna also filled in on a few occasions in our studio as our World News Center anchor. For awhile, Anna also became a reporter for NUDE HIPPO.

Our friendship with Anna continues to this day. I personally was happy to see her get a regular anchor job. She is now the co-anchor of Good Day Chicago on Fox Chicago alongside Corey McPherrin. She also continues to be my secret Chicago media crush.

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