Shake Up Your Thanksgiving!

Isn’t it amazing that Halloween is barely over and we are already obsessing over the next holiday?  Such is American consumerism I guess.

Anyway, Thanksgiving is basically here already and as someone who doesn’t cook, I usually could care less.  It is always someone other than me that is responsible for feeding the masses on this holiday.  I’m the one that pisses off all the aunties by sitting on the couch with the men drinking beer pretending I understand football.

I do realize, though, that many of our readers probably help prepare or fully prepare the Thanksgiving meal and festivities and I thought, why not offer some helpful suggestions on ways to shake up this Thanksgiving to be the best yet?

Pilgrims vs. Indians(1)  Pilgrims vs. Indians

Since Halloween just happened this isn’t TOO far of a stretch.  Split up your family members evenly between Pilgrims and Indians ahead of time and make them come dressed up in costumes as such.  You can then sit them on other sides of the table and keep a timer on how long it takes before a fight breaks out and your Pilgrim relatives take the Indian relatives land.

(2)  Cook a jalapeno turkey or a Turducken

My husband is half-Mexican, and last year I had my first taste of a jalapeno turkey.  It was to die for.  The turkey fell off the bone and was just a hint of spicy.  Here is one simple recipe, although I doubt my husband’s mother, who is a Mexican immigrant, used eHow to make this turkey.

If you prefer to mix your meat, perhaps a turducken is more appropriate.  It’s basically a chicken stuffed into a duck stuffed into a turkey.  Sounds appetizing no?  It’s actually not bad, and you can find out how to make it here.  Don’t tell your nieces and nephews, though, you might severely scar them.

(3)  Eat dessert first

And why the hell not?  Dessert is the best part anyway, so why not gorge on that and save the lame meat and potatoes for last?

(4)  Give your Thanksgiving a theme

Similar to the costume idea, why not give your Thanksgiving a theme and make your guests dress in costume?  There are a couple of great ones to choose from, like:

  • Cops and Robbers – who stole the turkey?  And where are the handcuffs?
  • Pimps and Hoes – Oh yeah, I’ll feed you some stuffing
  • Kegs and Eggs (and turkey) – Start later at night, have a few kegs, party till dawn and eat your turkey with your eggs – PJs are a requirement for entry
  • American Idol Theme – sing for your supper!  And take a shot for every time Randy says “dawg”.  It could be like drunk karaoke, only worse.  

(5)  Purposely confuse what holiday it is

Set out 4th of July tablecloths and light sparklers, color some Easter eggs, and put on Christmas music.  Your family will think they are already drunk.

(6)  Make everyone share what they are thankful for

Now this one is for serious.  I think no matter what you decide to do for Thanksgiving, if you don’t already make this a ritual, you should start this year.   You will shake things up by making those around you step back for a moment and reflect on what the purpose of the holiday really is.  Even if your cooking isn’t what they are thankful for, you will still make an important impact on them.

Regardless of how you end up celebrating or what you cook, we here at Nude Hippo wish you a sweet (potato) Thanksgiving.  Gobble gobble!

~Corie Scarpaci

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