Haunted House

Navy Pier: Fear or Steer Clear?


To my surprise (from what I could find) the ONLY “haunted” house/trail/anything in the city limits is at the Navy Pier. This past weekend my husband and I wanted to get our scare-on, but also didn’t want to drive an hour to make that happen. A $10 cab ride is much more ideal :).

I was fully expecting the Navy Pier’s Haunted House to be completely lame b/c it’s such a tourist attraction. I have to say, we were pleasantly surprised. I used to work as an “actor” for a haunted trail back in college, so I have pretty high expectations, and it takes a lot actually scare me. That being said, the Pier’s Haunted House offered some pretty cool elements that I’ve never seen before. First, there was an extreme burst of air at our faces¬†that was such a surprise– not only was it loud and startling, but you could also feel it. So, it really captured ALL your senses. Then, there was this crazy room that will be hard to describe…. basically you walked into these two walls made of thick fabric that were both filled with air. The two walls of fabric were so filled with air that in order to get through them you had to slip inside and basically disappear into the walls!! I couldn’t even see the group behind us, let alone my husband right in front of me. That was pretty wild.

OH! I do suggest spending the extra $10 per person to get the “VIP” access. This allowed us to be FIRST in line & we didn’t have to wait at all. If you want to stay in the city limits & are looking for a haunted house — then this might be your only option…. but I think it’s worth your money.

Enjoy & have a happy haunted Hippoween!

For more info:  The Fear Haunted House at Navy Pier

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