What Candy Will You Hand Out?

Trick or Treat Bucket

Are you the type of person that hands out Smarty’s at Halloween Trick or Treat, or full-sized candy bars?? Don’t tell me you hand out apples, tooth brushes, or raisins! I’ve gotten EACH one of those items while Trick or Treating as a kid, and it was sooooo disappointing.

Gina in Costume at age 2Check me out in costume as a “Hobo” my mom says…. age 2. LOL.

I enjoy giving out the yummy candy… ya know, the kinda candy that I would like to receive if I was still trick-or-treating. I’m not as cool as the people that give out the FULL sized candy bars, but I’m pretty close. I think this year it’ll be mini-Snickers, Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, and M & M’s.

Rethink buying the cheap stuff, and kick in a few extra bucks to put a smile on the kids faces this Halloween:)

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