Flying Cartoon

Got Fear of Flying?

Flying CartoonI thought this was so cool.  In fact, when I first heard about the program I didn’t realize so many people have such great fears about flying.  I have to say, flying isn’t my favorite thing to do in the world– but I’ve got no problem getting on a plane (after a few drinks! LOL)

Would you pay $175 dollars to take a class to get over your fear of flying….are you that scared to get on a plane that $175 bucks is a worthwhile investment for you? Well…… I found a place that actually offers help for scaredy-cats that won’t fly. Check out the coarse by clicking HERE.

Another idea– I have a friend who is really scared to fly… so she was bought Flying Cartoona book on how a planes actually work and educated herself. She also learned about the  statistics, and how it’s more dangerous to drive than fly– yet most people drive everyday:)!!

Happy flying!

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