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Celebrate the Great Chicago Fire

Looking for something different to do this weekend? Join the festivities at Bull & Bear as they host Local Firefighters to Celebrate the Great Chicago Fire.

Did you know that the Chicago fire happened in the month of October over 130 years ago? I still wonder if the cow started the fire…. so I did a little poking around and found that historians say the Chicago Fire did start in the barn of Mr. and Mrs. Patrick and Catherine O’Leary. SO, it could have been the cow!!!!

The Great Chicago Fire burned from Sunday, October 8, to early Tuesday, October 10, 1871, killing hundreds and destroying about 4 square miles in the city of Chicago.  This disaster jump-started Chicago’s development into one of the most populous and economically important American cities that we know and love today 🙂 See, the Great Chicago Fire has a good ending after all.

For more information about this event check out Facebook: Bull & Bear

Celebrate the Great Chicago Fire

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