ORANGE you hungry for some fun eats?

When I found out that I’d be doing a Nude Hippo shoot BEFORE 10am, I had some serious doubts of the merits of this organization.
Nonetheless I was keen on checking out a place where, when you are up before lunchtime, can cater to you in a manner that won’t put you right back to sleep again after stuffing your face.
Let’s face it, even though I maintain that nothing is more sacred on earth than bacon..the fact is that when it comes to breakfast/brunch fare, sometimes you just can’t stare a greasy spoon platter of lard in the face.
Enter, Orange.
The multi-located morning spot has made themselves popular with a light, natural approach while going off the charts creating dishes and coming up with quirky takes on old classics.  Their trademark Frushi is just as it sounds…rice rolls encompassing tasty fruit combos and a funky sauce drizzled on.  I was really hoping to get my hands in there and attempt a roll myself, but the chef was quick to point out that they do all of that first thing in the morning and well, yeah…I hadn’t exactly rolled out of bed at 5am to be present for that.
I did, however, get to have some fun on the industrial juicer.  Come on, who wouldn’t enjoy jamming a large vegetable or piece of fruit into this pulverizer?  Their juice bar is well stocked with fresh items that can be squished up into delectable (and healthy) concoctions.  Have a look!


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