Fun for the whole family!
So, you’re sitting around your dingy little hovel wondering what to do with your sad, pathetic, life this weekend, hoping beyond hope that someone will come to your rescue and give you a reason to draw another breath. You’re in luck.

This Saturday, at Cypress Cove in Florida, they’re holding their third annual NUDE-A-PALOOZA! While I’m sorry to inform you that there are no Hippos involved, except for a possible appearance by Ashley Lobo, the rest of the event looks to be a lot of fun. As reported by, this is a true family fun event.

We’re all about family fun here at Nude Hippo.

Even though many folks will be baring it all, Hadley insists that Nude-A-Palooza is a family-friendly affair.

“There’s nothing going on here at Cypress Cove that’s inappropriate. We’re a clean, traditional nudist resort. We believe being nude is wholesome and nonsexual. It’s just a way for friends to hang out, bond and accept their bodies in a nonthreatening environment.”

I might have used a different phrase than “hang out.”

Even so, to reinforce their family friendly image they even have a Facebook page. Events will include cover bands (that’s a Gene Simmons impersonator in the pic), dancing, food, drinks and games.

Unlike previous years, there are rumors that some of the bands will perform in the nude this year. It seems only fair.

Tickets are $20.00 and all proceeds from sales go to the Rock Pink foundation for breast cancer research. .

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