Mom Makes a Great Choice!

Mom Makes A Great Choice!
Imagine, if you will, your mom. Allegedly the rock that keeps you grounded. The woman who will inspire you to write songs like “I want a girl just like the girl that married dear old dad”. She is the guiding light that keeps the ship of your life sailing on safe waters. The one person whom celebrities and athletes fawningly thank every time they manage to not end up in jail. She is, if you’ll pardon the continuing triteness, the wind beneath your wings.

Stunning Stuff, an appropriately named web site, reports that Karolyne Smith – the true exemplar for setting the bar low – agreed to have the Golden Palace web site tattooed on her forehead so that she could pay her son’s tuition for a private school.

What they don’t mention is that she lives in Salt Lake City, Utah. A place that requires you to have a “permit” to drink in a bar. A city built on some very, and I do mean VERY, conservative ideals. In other words, a place where a mom like this will be immediately ostracized.

I would also note that she seems pretty young. If she was worried about the world her child would grow up in at a public school, just wait until the well to do kids at the private school see this. Her kid’s going to be the poster child for the atomic wedgie.

No, that’s not a good thing.

So, as her kid prepares for a life of continuing therapy and multiple social issues, I can only thank God that my family, like all good Irish-Catholic families, kept their dysfunctions to themselves..

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