Alcala's Horse

Gina’s Gone Country!

Gina FAIR 1998It’s been long past due for me to get back to my country roots. I grew up on a farm where we raised pigs, chickens, dogs, cats and we even had a horse! Years ago I packed up my boots and headed for the big city– but recently I’ve found myself missing life back on the farm. Scroll to the bottom and watch me transform back to my country ways :). (That’s ME showing my pig at the fair in 1998.)

Gina and family walking pigs 1994(Walking pigs on the farm 1994)

Gina walking the pigs 1994

Gina and Miranda clean the pig pen 1998(Miranda and I cleaning the pig pen ’98)

So, I stumbled on this great store called Alcala’s Western Wear, and when I stepped inside it brought me right back to that little town I grew up in.
Gina and Krystle
I took my ‘city-girlfriend,’ Krystle Klein to show her what it’s like to dress western and look sexy doing it. At Alcala’s, Conrad helped Krystle and I pick out all of our looks. From hat to belt… jeans to boots he did it all. Alcala’s is known for not only their boots, but also their wide array of accessories. Go to Alcala’s site to see more, and definitely make time to stop into this family owned store at 1733 W. Chicago Ave., in Chicago.
Alcala's Krystle
(I think Krystle loved going country!!!)
Enjoy checking out our journey back to my roots. It was a blast!


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