A fun way to Jab your friends & family in the Jib

Ever look for a fun and creative way to send someone a message, card, or greeting. Then have I got the website for you; Jib-Jab.com. Jib-Jab is a digital entertainment studio founded in 1999. They produce original content such as E-cards, Everyday fun sendables, and Originals. It was in 2004 where they really gained their fame. During the campaign for president, they produced a parody video to the tune of Arlo Guthrie’s “This land is your land.” It became an instant smash and suddenly everyone was checking out Jib-Jab.com.

Over the years, I have used Jib-Jab to send videos to my family and friends. They offer all types of cards from seasonal, birthday’s, anniversaries, and holiday’s. The great thing about Jib-Jab is they make it easy to put your sendables or cards together. In most cases you simply just have to upload a photo and paste it into the scene or card you want to create. Then when it’s all put togehter you have the option to post it on any of the different social networks. So, next time you want to send someone something special. Check out Jib-Jab.com.

Personalize funny videos and birthday eCards at JibJab!


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