Haunted Houses

Don’t Be a Hallo-weenie This Halloween!  It’s that time of year again – the leaves are falling, the air has become crisper, there’s a witch standing next to you at the gas station….what?  That’s right, Halloween is right around the corner, and Chicagoland in October hosts a variety of outlets to unleash your inner ghoul.
Visiting a haunted house is the epitome of participating in the Halloween spirit.  You won’t have to travel far, either, to find some fantastic options that are sure to scare the pants off of even the toughest of men.  I’ve picked my favorites below, but you can also visit HauntedHouseChicago.com to find the nearest spooky spot near you.

(1) Statesville Haunted Prison
Located in Crest Hill, Illinois, Statesville Haunted Prison claims “you will never be the same again” after a trek through their haunted prison cells.  Voted the #1 haunted house for eight years by HauntedHouseChicago.com, Statesville Haunted Prison will introduce you to the world’s scariest and most deranged prisoners – but be careful, because they have all escaped and are reeking massive havoc on Statesville.  Don’t believe me?  Just ask Nude Hippo’s Ashley Lobo.  Check out her visit to Statesville below…I don’t think she will ever be the same!  Visit their website for directions, FAQs, and to pre-order tickets.

(2) Basement of the Dead
Basement of the Dead has also topped the “#1 haunted house” list, and remains one of the top 3 haunted houses in Illinois.  This dreaded basement is located in Aurora and boasts a fantastic tale of despair and gruesome murder to set the stage.
According to the Basement of the Dead website, a father/son duo worked together at Walker Laundry in the early 1960s.  In 1964, the old, unmaintained boilers exploded and permanently scarred both the father and son, who never returned to work after that.  Not long after the explosion occurred, employees of Walker Laundry started showing up dead and dismembered, their bodies severely maimed.  Coincidence?
Read the whole story online ahead of time; it will be sure to add to the experience.

(3) The Fear Haunted House at Navy Pier
Live in the city?  Don’t have a car?  Sounds just like me!  But have no fear (no pun intended); there are enough frights to go around the entire state of Illinois!
Head over to Navy Pier and visit the Fear Haunted House.  Playing off of the convenient water/sailor/pier theme, “The Captain” is carting around some evil cargo on his ship.  Visiting this haunted house employs you as the newest “crew member”.
Click on the “captured” link before heading over.  You will at least be a bit more prepared for the ghastly sailors you are about to call your shipmates – and have a better understanding of your new job description.

No matter what, have a spook-tacular time this Halloween…but if you do decide to visit a haunted house, don’t cry.  That will just make you look like a Hallo-weenie.

Happy Halloween!

Watch this….Ashley Lobo visits Statesville Haunted Prison!

– Corie Scarpaci


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