Paige Wiser back when she was a Smoron

Paige Wiser Nick RosarioThe very first time I spoke to Paige Wiser was a memorable experience. I had contacted her about making an appearance on our LIVE show in May of 98. The conversation started as most normal conversations do. Then after the introductions were made, I was barraged with questions about not only the show, but my personal life as well.  So, we went back and forth for about ten minutes. I found out she went to NotreDame for undergrad; Then went to Northwestern for Grad school.

At that time, she was editing for the Chicago Sun-Times newspaper and had a column called Planet Paige where she wrote about the quirkier side of the news. Then the newspaper added a weekly column called Camera Obscura.  I  enjoyed enjoyed both columns but especially Camera Obscura.  This was right up my alley.  Paige would give reviews about movies that were played late at night on cable television.  I had stayed up late at night,  just as Paige had done and had seen all the movies she talked about. Her reviews were always smart and funny. Even when the movie sucked, she made them sound like a can’t miss film.

Paige's Prom picsShe mentioned she was a little bit apprehensive about appearing on TV. She felt she wouldn’t be interesting enough. I told her I disagreed. That is when I knew we had to have her on. We talked some more and she finally agreed to appear on the show. After that conversation I was totally crushing on Paige.

When we asked Paige for a photo to promote her appearance, she asked if we could use her prom photo.   She really liked that photo.  So did we.  We enlarged that photo and placed it on our set throughout our entire 2 -year run from The Museum of Broadcast Communications television studios.

Paige will forever be one of my favorite guests. Paige is still with the Sun-Times as their TV critic. I just want her to know that the door is always open for her to return as a guest on the show.


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