The Lion King

The Lion King: The Musical

The Lion KingDisney’s; The Lion King, came to life at the Cadillac Palace.  After a 5 year hiatus, the Broadway show is back and better than ever.  It’s here for a short run in Chicago. (The last show is November 27th.)  If you liked the movie, you will definitely be impressed with the Tony Award-winning performance.  I was in awe how they brought each animated character to life with creative costumes, body paint, stilts, dancers and talented actors.  The set, tribal chanting and pulsating drumming made you feel like you were roaming the wild African Pridelands.  Animals came down the isles (half man- half puppet)  for added effect and for a few hours you forgot you were sitting in a theatre.

The Disney cartoon was geared for kids, but this musical is for all ages.   I enjoyed all of the memorable music (Elton John’s “Can You Feel The Love Tonight” and “Circle of Life“) and bright dazzling costumes mixed with the shirtless studly dancers.  The actors voices were incredible and I especially loved Pumba and the giraffes strutting across the stage.  Each animal both moved and danced realistically yet artistically.  The performance even made me get teary eyed when Simba’s father died and I heard a little kid behind me ask, “Mommy, why isn’t he moving?”  I’ve watched the movie countless times, but it doesn’t compare to seeing it live.  Go appreciate the “Circle of Life” and have a “problem-free Philosophy…Hakuna Matata” kind of night!

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