So…that’s just part of your job?

No KissingIn my dating past, the two guys I had been most serious about happened to be actors which is purely coincidental seeing as though I had known the first one since we were 13 and he didn’t really have too much of an idea about where his career was headed.  Luckily, I had dated both of these guys pretty early on in their careers so I didn’t have to really ensue any uncomfortable conversations about any make out scenes that they were going to be participating in.
Now yes, I know…I knoooooow, I know, I know, “it’s just work; just a part of the job”, and “it’s so uncomfortable, you have an entire crew watching you”.  But still.  You are STILL physically kissing, making out, passionately embracing another person!  I mean, what if I said it just happened to be a part of my job to make out with this guest so they’d give me an interview.  What if that was just part of the job?  That’d be sexual harassment!  But yet it’s not for an actor when they’re told that they have to smash face with another actor.

I know a lot of times there can be no physical attraction or chemistry between the two actors and it’s “their job” to act like there is…but couldn’t the same be said for the guy who’s so out of his mind drunk at the bar that he makes out with, to borrow a term from Jersey Shore, the “grenade” who happens to be there? Yes, I know I’m getting a little ahead of myself and it’s not very fair to compare a career path with being in a completely drunken state of mind but I just can’t help trying to justify how I just think it’s such a funny loophole in a profession that blurs the line between fantasy and reality.  You can “act” like you’re married, you can “act” like you hate someone in a scene but you can’t “act” like you’re making out…because you’re really making out!  Even fight scenes are choreographed and they’re not really hitting one another.

Now I’m not saying I’m some super-jealous girlfriend who is afraid that the guy I date might kiss another girl in a scene and all of a sudden realize that she’s so much more fun to make out with and he must be really missing out dating just one person!  Nor do I think it’s such an outrage that this takes place within this chosen profession.  I’m merely just musing on how funny I find it that in society we just accept that this is a part of their every day job.   And I know it’s just “kissing”…so don’t even get me started on dating someone within the porn industry!  (Which by the way, I know nothing about…).

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