Episode 33

Episode-33Nick RosarioIt has been thirteen years since I first stepped into the Nude Hippo world. Over that time I have had the pleasure to meet and interview some of Chicago’s finest. One show that sticks out particularly in my mind is Episode 33. This was a time when we were doing one live show a month. So naturally we tried to pack as much into them as possible. This show featured a who’s who of Chicago. We had Secretary of State Jesse White, tv anchorWarner Saunders,radio newsman Dave McBride, actor and comedian Harry Teinowitz, fitness expert Kara Schaad, and the very first tv appearance of Mr.Skin.

Before the show started we were in the hallway getting ready. All of a sudden a conversation breaks out between Mr.Skin, Harry Teinowitz, Warner Saunders, Jesse White, myself, and a few cast members. For people who aren’t aware, Mr. Skin is an expert on celebrity nudity. The conversation quickly turned to questions about where to find Jayne Mansfield and Sharon Stone naked. Mr. Skin provided the  answers to  those questions. The show itself was a total blast. After everyone had made their appearances; we had a workout routine that featured the entire cast and crew.  Jesse White worked out in his tuxedo. Harry Teinowitz grabbed some cookies; ate them, and proceeded to shout out “I can feel the burn.” It was just a great example of Nude Hippo doing what it does best. Giving you the people, places, and events you want to see.

It is definitely moments like this that make our show stand out from others. I can tell you that this show will go down as one of the most entertaining ever in the history of Nude Hippo. It would also be the last one produced from the Cable Access Studios. After this run, we moved on to the Museum of Broadcast Communications. A fun side note to all of this is during our hallway conversation, we found out that Jesse and Warner used to play basketball together back in the day.


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