Eddie and Jobo

Eddie & JoboNick RosarioEvery once in a while there is someone or something that just speaks to you. I want to talk about two individuals who spoke to me during my high school years. Those two men; Eddie and Jobo.  Every morning I would wake up to the sound of their voices. It was as if they spoke my language. Their shtick to me was hilarious. They were always up to something; whether it was making prank phone calls, getting women to remove their panties on Thursday, or playing one of their parody songs. These two just flat out made me laugh.

I was ecstatic to find out that they agreed to appear on an episode of NudeHippo. Here was my chance to talk to two guys I had always admired. I was there to meet them when they arrived for the taping. Right away Jobo started telling me about the things him and Eddie used to get into. These guys truly knew how to party. I was on the floor laughing, as Jobo described their escapades. If you have never heard Jobo tell a story, you are really missing out. Highlights from their appearance include: Jobo admitting to being a recovering cocaine addict, liking disco, and listening to the Score sports radio. Eddie having the Backstreet Boys sing his proposal to his fiance, liking Kid Rock, and doing a Barney the Dinosaur impression.

I failed to mention earlier that it was also Jobo’s birthday. We had a cake for him and sang to him. Eddie and Jobo have returned to Chicago Radio. They can be heard Saturday nights from 7-9pm on WLS-Am 890. Their appearance on our show will go down as one of my favorites.



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