Fashionably Tan, ORTANIC

OrtanicNow that fall is here, our days of laying out in the sun are officially over.  However, you don’t have to lose your tan.  I am going to share one of my most treasured secrets…ORTANIC.  It’s one of the most fabulous customized spray tans on the planet.  I use it summer, fall and winter without the bat of an eye.  So here’s how it works- you head to the spa at Equinox in Lincoln Park.  (Be sure to book your appointment far in advance because, they are quite popular.) Now, for the tricky part- you need to bare all except your panties.  (It’s extra motivation to put that extra cookie down.)  However, be not afraid, for the staff are very professional, warm and will put you at ease.  They are all trained Aestethetic Skin Consultants and create a special recipie for your skin type.  They know just the right color and realize you don’t want too dark in the colder months- but need a healthy looking glow.  Ater about 10-15 minutes of being personally airbrushed you are finished.   No orange streaky tan, no gross smells and best of all no skin cancer.  I’d suggest wearing something black and loose fitting afterwards, but you dry literally in a few minutes.  My Ortanic tans usually last around 5 to 6 days depending how long I spend in the shower.  It’s $45.00 per tan, but definitely worth it for a special occasion or if you just want to feel your best.  And of course, you cannot put a price on staying cancer free.  Speaking of price, be sure to visit their website for a $10.00 off coupon.  When you go in tell the staff “Hi” and that Ashley Lobo sent you.

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