No Postseason Again

Cubs and Sox Picasso Seeing as how days seem to be flying by, I thought I would take this opportunity to talk a little baseball before it all ends. This season has once again proved disappointing for our two ball clubs. First, let’s talk about the Cubs, who for whatever reason just looked uninterested in baseball this year. Here was a club that should have been a contender in the weak division that is the National League Central. Instead, you got bad fundamental baseball, another Carlos Zambrano meltdown, a manger who after a while just seemed to give up, and of course the trading off of some of your best players. This was supposed to be Year One of the new regime. You were on your way, this wasn’t supposed to be a rebuilding year. Yet with just 2 weeks left in the season with nothing on the line you have the call-ups playing and now you are winning some ball games. I would say overall a D for this year. Now, on to the White Sox. This team was picked to finish third in their division and for a while it seemed like that’s were they ‘d end up. They started out awful. Then interleague play started and they caught fire. They couldn’t lose. Then it happened they had to face their dreaded rival the Twins who beat them this year 13 times. You can look at this as the reason the sox will finish second about 9 or 10 games out. They simply can’t beat Minnesota. As you can see both teams battled different issues this year, but the end result is the same. No postseason in Chicago. Thank God it’s football season and the bears are 2-0, otherwise I’d be pulling my hair out right now.


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