Gina Ferraro on the Skydeck

Steppin’ Out on the Skydeck

Gina Ferraro on the SkydeckHey! It’s Gina Ferraro here. My trip to The Skydeck Ledge at the Willis Tower was unforgettable. Randy Stancik, the GM of the Skydeck was kind enough to hold my hand as I walked out onto the glass bottomed-Skydeck. What a rush!! There’s only 6 inches of glass separating me from the streets of Chicago. It is a heart stopping experience, but I highly suggest you do it. Everything told me “don’t step out there,” but Randy eased my mind and did it with me.

When you go,  be sure and kneel on the glass. That’s an entirely different feeling than just standing. Plus, after you conquer the Skydeck make sure to show everyone the photos. Your friends and family will be so impressed– or they will get queasy, like my Dad did!!

This is a MUST-SEE in Chicago tourism… even if you are afraid of heights, it’s an unbelievable out-of-body experience that can’t be duplicated. I dare you to take the plunge 🙂 and if you need a hand to hold I’ll go out on the ledge with you!

Willis Tower Skydeck: 233 South Wacker Drive, Chicago, IL
Phone Contact: (877) 759-3325
Website: Click here for more info!


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