Trapeze To Climbing Silks

GINA JUST HANGING AROUNDGina Ferraro chats with Shayna Swanson, the owner of Aloft Loft, and learns some trapeze tricks and how to climb the silks. The Aloft Loft is Chicago’s premier teaching, training and performance space for the aerial and circus arts.

The Aloft Loft challenges professional aerialists and curious newbies alike with our fun-loving, muscle-building approach to the aerial arts.

Students travel from around the country to train with Shayna Swanson, Aloft’s Company Director, who has over 15 years experience in teaching various physical art forms including gymnastics, dance and trapeze (to name a few). Classes at the Aloft Loft will challenge you mentally, physically and emotionally, but as you see your confidence, muscle tone and flexibility grow, you’ll realize you’re getting a workout like you couldn’t get anywhere else! The training you’ll get at the Aloft Loft is personalized and intensive. In our small classes you’ll be in the air more than on the ground, quickly developing strength, confidence and independence. The Aloft Loft is also the home to “Aloft”, one of the premier aerial performance companies in the country. Aloft is comprised of 10 professional aerialists and acrobats who can liven up any event or production.

El Circo Cheapo

El Circo Cheapo is the poor man’s Cirque du Soleil, with world class acrobats, jugglers, puppeteers, aerialists, clowns, side show freaks and more. Every month is a different show, and you never quite know what to expect other than a great time with fun people.

The show was designed to give emerging and professional, local and international circus artists a place to try new things out, take risks in a supportive environment and receive hi-quality professional footage of their act for promotional use. During a recession, the arts are often first to get the ax, so this show gives us incentive to keep working on innovative circus and variety arts.

Aloft Loft
2041 W Carroll #306, Chicago


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