Pogo & Lobo look over the wine list

Just Grapes Wines

Pogo & Lobo look over the wine listLobo & Pogo take a taste of what JUST GRAPES has to offer.

Just Grapes has the midwest’s first and only automated self-serve tasting machines. You can now taste up to 24 different wines simply with the push of a button. The monetary value of the wine is then deducted from a “smart card” you purchase in the wine shop and you can recharge the “smart card” any time you like. The wine selections focus on small artisan producers from all over the world in all price points.

Purchase rechargeable tasting card, lift glass to wine spout of choice, press button, sip and savor. Try just to try or try before you buy.

Just Grapes focuses on keeping wine simple, fun and functional. The machines are great tools to help learn more about the various types of wines available to purchase and to discover the best wine for you is the wine you like best.

560 West Washington Boulevard


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