The Joy Of Potheads

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Before we begin, in an effort to maintain our journalistic transparency, I must admit that I don't smoke pot. Like many high schoolers in the 70's I tried it, and I most certainly inhaled, but I quickly found that my body can't process THC, the active ingredient in marijuana, so I would develop horrible allergic reactions. Fortunately for me I had a non-judgmental doctor with a sense of humor. That being said, I have nothing against pot smokers. My ex wife is numbered among their merry band. As long as they don't blow pot smoke in my face I'm good to go. To be fair, I also think it should be legalized. The position that pot is the gateway … [Read more...]

Ways to Kill the Pain

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Today is a wildly popular day celebrated with festive parties the world over. As many enlightened citizens of our global village know, today's the birthday of Austria's most famous vegetarian artist, Adolf Hitler. While one would think, with Austria's rich history of wonderful beer halls (several of which have had me crawl out of them), that there would be some use of history's most legendary hops fueled beverage in the ceremonies, it turns out that isn't the case. For reasons that can only be explained in a wafting cloud of smoke imbued with a Grateful Dead soundtrack, it seems that a certain segment of society celebrates the day by smoking … [Read more...]